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Write On

There are many strange things residing in my imagination.  You know, besides werewolves.  A lot of it is action-packed, violent (gory, even), emotional, dramatic, and downright hilarious.  I think to myself, self, what kinds of things do I like to read?  Do more of that.  What do I not like to read?  Do less of that.  This means I have some seriously kick ass scenes waiting to be put into print, or already in print and awaiting more attention, but it also means that between those exciting scenes is a lot of filler I don’t really want to write (at least until I figure out how to make it interesting).  For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I have a raging case of ADD.  As a result, I have many more abandoned projects than completed projects.

There aren’t many works-in-progress that have made it past the 20k mark (my general stuck point), but once something flies over that mark I have officially confirmed interest in it as a completed novel.  Lucky for you guys there are more than one of those sitting around in various stages of completion.  If you’re wondering what goes on in my imagination, this is it:


Novel 1: What happens if a college girl has a one night stand with a werewolf?  Mass murder, that’s what.
Title: Dominance
Progress: Final stage of revisions. 90k.
What next?: Send it out into the world to find its mate (publishers) and reproduce (money!).

Novel 2: Sequel to novel 1. Mallory hasn’t learned that avoiding responsibility gets her into bigger trouble. She leaps out of the werewolf frying pan into the dragon fire.
Title: ??
Progress: 13k nail-biting words (out of 90k? 100k? 120k?)
What next?: Finish it? lol


Novel 1: Who knew a temp job could be so dangerous?
Title: ??
Progress: Rough draft. 55k.
What next?: First round of edits.


Novel 1:  As yet unnamed cyborg girl comes to life in an off-grid laboratory, intent on avenging her own death.  Unfortunately, the world has other plans.
Title: ??
Progress: 34k (out of 90-120k)
What’s next?: Figure out where I was going with it and finish.

There is  one more project which hasn’t yet made it past the 20k mark, but it also won’t get out of my head.  I have a fantastic character ready to go (and a hella interesting beau for her) but no story for her rock a presence.  There hasn’t been that “click” moment to give me that jump I need in motivation, and without that, she’ll just continue to live in my imagination and the small scene snippets I’ve written out.  All I can say about her is that she has the ability to see raw magic, and it isn’t because of an advanced human trait, special lineage, or anything like that.  She can see raw magic because of a genetic defect.

Now, on to finish my revisions.

Sarah 🙂