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NaNo is Coming

And I have a battle plan.

I sat down over the last couple of days to work out a schedule for myself. The schedule is to keep up with everything I’m currently doing, plus leave room for all the extra writing I’ll need to do in the next two months. That includes an hour of solid, uninterrupted writing time from 9-10pm every night, and some fail safes to make sure I don’t get obsessed, lose sleep, and sacrifice productivity (because it’ll happen if I’m not careful).

(Like right now, when I meant to write this almost 3 hours ago and be in bed already.)


Here it is in a nutshell. In the next few days I want to take one more look at my query letter and synopsis, spend not more than 2 days on either of them, and find a few places to submit the werewuff novel to by Monday. Then I’m going to put those aside, and…

Begin outlining. I’ll probably tackle some character sheets and hammer out the first quarter to a third of the story line. Might try Snowflaking it, or Phasing it, or even using the cheat sheet I found for the Hollywood formula. Whatever will get me going. Since I’m currently planning to use my existing world with existing characters I won’t need to reinvent the wheel, though I will need to figure out those characters’ development for this particular story. Might take a couple of sandbox scenes to get a feel for where I’m going, but I should be able to get a good start. Then…

I’ll use the weekend to look over my outline notes so far, and attack some of my muses for some brainstorming. You know who you are. Consider this fair warning ūüėČ

For week two I want to get through the next chunk of planning. Another quarter or third, which will get me to halfway or 2/3 through the outline. Really want to shoot for the 2/3 mark so I have time to rip it apart towards the end of the month and do some last minute research (if necessary). Again, I’ll use the weekend for review and muse abuse. Might take some time this second week to submit werewuffs again but that’ll depend on how busy I am and whether or not I’m feeling burnt out from outline madness. Which means…

In week three I want to get through most of the outline. If outlining is anything like writing the actual novel (and I wouldn’t know, because this is my first serious effort at outlining) the middle will be the most difficult to get through. ¬†If by this point I’ve made it through the middle slog of “wtf am I doing?” I should be able to pick up speed this week and get pretty close to finished with a rough outline. This is good, because…

Week four is going to be full of last minute panics as I try to make sure the outline I have is suitable for November’s frenzied writings. I specialize in coming up with spontaneous inspiration, so either I’ll spit polish the outline, or I’ll just have to wing it during the actual writing. Which will probably happen anyway, because I have an unfortunate habit of not following the plan. I want to avoid that this time though. No abandoning the plans.

If it turns out the planning won’t take me all month I want to plot a second book. I want to pick up my albino story again soon. It’s unique enough that I should be able to write and sell it a lot easier than my werewuffs. Also, that character has been ignored for far too long. She’s done taking up head space. She needs to be out in the world. Be free, nameless character. Go forth and make bad guys shake in their boots.

Be back in a few days to let you all know how I plan to work NaNo into my schedule this year. As much as I’d like it, I don’t think I could write 1667 words in just the one hour a night I’m allowing for writing in October. I’ll need a good two hours per day. Three, if I’m feeling especially unproductive (but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that). Those of you with kids and full time jobs, what did you do to succeed at NaNo? I haven’t pulled off a legitimate 50k since having the little man.


Write On

There are many strange things residing in my imagination. ¬†You know, besides werewolves. ¬†A lot of it is action-packed, violent (gory, even), emotional, dramatic, and downright hilarious. ¬†I think to myself, self, what kinds of things do I like to read? ¬†Do more of that. ¬†What do I not like to read? ¬†Do less of that. ¬†This means I have some seriously kick ass scenes waiting to be put into print, or already in print and awaiting more attention, but it also means that between those exciting scenes is a lot of filler I don’t really want to write (at least until I figure out how to make it interesting). ¬†For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I have a raging case of ADD. ¬†As a result, I have many more abandoned projects than completed projects.

There aren’t many works-in-progress that have made it past the 20k mark (my general stuck point), but once something flies over that mark I have officially confirmed interest in it as a completed novel. ¬†Lucky for you guys there are more than one of those sitting around in various stages of completion. ¬†If you’re wondering what goes on in my imagination, this is it:


Novel 1: What happens if a college girl has a one night stand with a werewolf? ¬†Mass murder, that’s what.
Title: Dominance
Progress: Final stage of revisions. 90k.
What next?: Send it out into the world to find its mate (publishers) and reproduce (money!).

Novel 2: Sequel to novel 1. Mallory hasn’t learned that avoiding responsibility gets her into bigger trouble. She leaps out of the werewolf frying pan into the dragon fire.
Title: ??
Progress: 13k nail-biting words (out of 90k? 100k? 120k?)
What next?: Finish it? lol


Novel 1: Who knew a temp job could be so dangerous?
Title: ??
Progress: Rough draft. 55k.
What next?: First round of edits.


Novel 1:  As yet unnamed cyborg girl comes to life in an off-grid laboratory, intent on avenging her own death.  Unfortunately, the world has other plans.
Title: ??
Progress: 34k (out of 90-120k)
What’s next?: Figure out where I was going with it and finish.

There is ¬†one more project which hasn’t yet made it past the 20k mark, but it also won’t get out of my head. ¬†I have a fantastic character ready to go (and a hella interesting beau for her) but no story for her rock a presence. ¬†There hasn’t been that “click” moment to give me that jump I need in motivation, and without that, she’ll just continue to live in my imagination and the small scene snippets I’ve written out. ¬†All I can say about her is that she has the ability to see raw magic, and it isn’t because of an advanced human trait, special lineage, or anything like that. ¬†She can see raw magic because of a genetic defect.

Now, on to finish my revisions.

Sarah ūüôā