Because who doesn't like staring at the ceiling fan?

Revision Hangover

So here we are. The reason I’ve been neglecting everything but G+ is now finished. I’ve successfully completed this round of edits in what I hope will be the last time I make any major changes until an editor smacks it around a little. I can now turn my werewuffs loose on the world. As soon as I get that query letter perfected, anyway.

It’s done. So why am I so twitchy?

Yesterday afternoon I sat at my computer, Scrivener still open, and just stared at it. Surely there was something else I could do. The urge to write the next scene nagged me, but if I tried expanding even just a little bit I would end up adding another half a novel on to the end. At that point I might as well just buckle down and start on book 2. (Book 2 picks up pretty close to where we left off in 1. It’s a new conflict with its own story arc, though, so I don’t feel comfortable starting that conflict and then leaving it hanging.)

The very last scene isn’t done to my satisfaction, so that could be part of it. I feel like I’m missing something. But even this morning I prepped to sit down for another few hours of revisions like I had more than just that last section to fix. I want to keep working on something! Gah!

I think I’ll have to take a few days off and get the rest of my life in order, hangover or not. The house has been a disaster area since May and our yard is like the botanical gardens of weeds. Not to mention half of it is dead due to the extreme heat and drought we’ve had here in Colorado.

So. A few days of extreme home makeover, cleanup style, and then perhaps I’ll try that “plotting” thing with book 2. If I can get some plotting done in time for August’s version of Camp NaNoWriMo I’ll be able to hammer out the rough draft for book 2 in that month, then have something else to revise until the end of the year. Unless I decide to do the November NaNoWriMo… which isn’t entirely out of the question.

Have you experienced a writing hangover? What did you do to get over it? Did you take time off between projects, or did you dive right into the next one in order to keep that buzz going?


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