Because who doesn't like staring at the ceiling fan?

I Double Dog Dare You

Yikes!  I didn’t realize it’s been that long since I did a post here.  Sorry guys!

It occurred to me today that I never let you know about the writing challenges I started over on G+.  Perhaps this could also carry over into blog land?  I will certainly post my own challenge responses here.  Feel free to participate in the shenanigans!

Here are the basics:

  • I take the number of Mondays in a month and come up with that many challenge topics. This month has 4. They are single word or short phrase writing prompts.
  • I provide one bonus challenge for those that want something extra to incorporate into their writings.
  • Everyone has the whole month to write something involving these topics. It could be a scene centered around the topic, or a simple bit of dialogue that includes the prompt word(s).
  • You don’t have to do them all. They can be separate writings, or you can do all of them in one go. Whatever tickles your muse.

So what are this month’s topics, you ask?

1. Summer Vacation
2. Small Talk
3. Secret Weapons
4. Shedding

BONUS CHALLENGE:  Many people make sacrifices for “the Greater Good.” Some of these people have twisted ideas of what constitutes The Greater Good, or will bend the rules to achieve it. In fact, one of your characters will justify nearly anything in his or her pursuit of The Greater Good…and it won’t end nicely.

We already have a handful of participants.  Head on over to the weekly update post on G+ to check them out.  You might discover a new writer you like!

(I know… I still need to do part 4 of the Werewolf Tropes posts.  I have this feeling like the last part is going to be a multi part post.  I don’t know how to squeeze werewolf politics into one blog post without it becoming its own small book.  Have patience, little minions.  It’s coming soon.)


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