Because who doesn't like staring at the ceiling fan?

War of the Words

Sorry for the extended absence.  I’ve been editing my butt off (if it only worked like that… am I right, ladies?)

After a month’s worth of an unintended editing hiatus , I hit my stride again.  Knocked out Chapter 6 on Wednesday and zoomed through Chapter 7 last night slash this morning.  As per the beta readers’ feedback, I’m revisiting the beginning of Chapter 6, but since I know now where I’m going with it that shouldn’t be to hard.  Also helps that it’s an exciting part of the story.  It just got serious up in here.

To hold you over until I have the time and desire to write something that isn’t revision-related, here are the titles of my chapter scenes (subject to change as I edit) (also if anyone knows how to make tables in these posts please drop a comment):

Drunken Shenanigans                                      Follow Your Nose
The Morning After                                           Here’s My Card
It’s More Serious Than You Think                      Wait, There’s More?
House Arrest                                                  Get A Clue
Well Then                                                       The Animal Inside
Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover                      It’s Getting Hot In Here
Surprises                                                        Complications
Bad Dreams                                                    It’s A Trap!
Waking Nightmares                                         Hide And Seek
The Meeting                                                   You Did What?
I’m Outta Here                                                The Last Straw
Guard Duty                                                     The Game Plan
Confrontations                                                Hunting Party
Not Just A Dream                                            Do Or Die
Secrets                                                          Convenient Endings
Full Moon


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