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Chasing Tail

Welcome back, little minions!  Tonight’s article continues from the master list.  I did a write up about moon tropes and what I did with them.  Now it’s time to explore the product of the moon’s power over werewolves: their wolf form.  Sorry, no TLDR note.  If you don’t want to read it now, just come back later.  It will still be here! 🙂

This has been all over the place in literature and cinema.  You name it, it’s been done.  Hideous man-wolf that has a more humanoid body.   Fugly man-wolf that looks mostly like a wolf with maybe some gorilla arms or hands or something.  Impossibly large, full form wolf.  Normal sized wolf with demon eyes.  Some kind of creature that doesn’t look like either a wolf or a man, but it’s got some teeth and fur and by God it wants to kill something.  Mostly human looking dudes with extra hair, a funny nose, and some fangs.  There’s a werewolf form out there for everyone’s preferences.

No one can agree on personality, either.  Is the werewolf sentient?  Does it know it’s a human in a wolf’s body?  Is it fully aware but unable to control its actions?  Is it completely unaware and consumed by rage at everything around it?  In the last 2-3 decades it’s been much more popular to have the werewolf be in control of its actions, though it annoys me some of the things people think are real wolf “instincts.”  Real wolves do not kill everything they perceive as threats.  They don’t hunger for the kill all the time.  And they don’t mindlessly attack, either.  Real wolves are patient planners, and they often avoid threats rather than confront them.  That doesn’t make for good story fodder, though.   Uncontrolled rage is making something of a comeback.  On the one hand I think it’s great, because we’re bringing back the raw lack of control to the werewolf mythos.  On the other hand, again, it’s not very wolflike.  I guess to the wrters’ credit there are a lot of humans filled with rage, so perhaps the human rage is set free when the human body disappears.  The human side is free to rage once set free of society’s constraints.

I wonder how much better a werewolf would behave it was allowed a few sessions with a psychiatrist?  Just wondering.

Anyway.  My wolves.  We’ve got a bit of everything going on here.  Just like with the moon-driven transformation timeframe, pack alphas have the most control here.  They are able to control the degree of the change.  Want to imitate Anubis?  You got it.  Head only.  Want to become a full wolf?  They can do that too.  Pop some claws to smack that smug beta wolf?  Yessiree.  The rest of the pack is not so lucky.  They can change on their own, but it’s a slow process and they are likely to get stuck at some point during transformation (in my world, this accounts for the source of all the half-man stories).  Alphas assist with the change, making sure it goes faster and mistake free.  Once the change starts it can only be stopped or reversed by an alpha.  Older wolves shift faster and with less pain.

The female werewolves?  I don’t want to get into too much detail here as it will spoil part of a major plot line, but let’s just say female werewolves can kick some serious booty.  I gave those bitches some superpowers.  Bitches love superpowers.  ^_^

Again, if you have any favorites or hate-its about werewolf tropes, please leave a comment.  Some of your feedback has already given me ideas for the sequel ;)

Tomorrow’s post (or later today, for some of you):  Regeneration… not your best feature.



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